Core Mission Statement


Westminster Core Mission Statement

(Adopted by Session in July 2003)
  1. We are stewards of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to know Jesus and make him known to others. We reach out to our community in order to draw people one at a time into a transformational relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. We are called to teach people of all ages the life-changing truth of God’s word. The Bible is the final authority for faith and life in all areas of Westminster’s programs. We cherish the Scriptures and seek to grow daily in our knowledge of God’s word.
  3. We are stewards of the gift of divine worship. Our worship services are characterized by both joy and reverence before a holy God. Our worship is accessible and easy to understand for first-time visitors. In worship we strive to be authentic, avoiding phoniness; we strive for excellence, but we avoid making it a performance. In our planning we take the very best of classic Presbyterian worship and integrate it with the very best of today’s expressions of worship.
  4. We are committed to helping parents and grandparents in raising children to become mature followers of Jesus Christ.
  5. We are a healing community. We pray for one another and seek to experience the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer and praise. We are committed to prayer as a central component of all of our plans and programs.
  6. We welcome all who seek to grow in their understanding of who Christ is and how he can transform their lives. We are committed to providing a covenant community of large and small group fellowships that will be filled with fun and characterized by close personal friendships. As a community we will encourage, challenge, exercise church discipline, and pray for one another in order to build one another up in the life of holiness and wholeness as it is revealed in Holy Scripture.
  7. Jesus sent his disciples into the world, and he sends his followers today into the world with the same good news of his gospel. Therefore we invest our lives and resources in the community, and in far away places, in order to bear witness to Christ in the world in word and in deed. We also equip and empower followers of Christ to share Christ with the unchurched members of our community.



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